Well, this week has mainly been all about Craft Candy, I’ve had lots to do! It’s also been about getting the hubby through a major assignment for his Design MA but that was all handed in on Friday and peace and bliss has finally come back to our home now!

I’m the lucky crafting so-and-so that get’s to organise workshops for our craft group Craft Candy and this week I have finalised all the details and finished the website page and we are now able to take bookings. It’s all so exciting!  My plan was to organise a workshop every 2 months starting in February, they’ll be held on the first Saturday of the month at Ecclesall Library.  The first two we are taking bookings for are Making a hand bound sketchbook with Heather Dewick and Make a Chain Necklace with Celia from Jencel.  I’m really glad we have these two as our first two workshops – I’m currently trying to decide whether to run a workshop myself, I’m just trying to figure out if I can get enough tools together or borrow some.

There will also be a sewing and a knitting workshop to come later on in the year so watch this space!

Written by Sarah

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