I am a very lucky girl because Santa brought me a Singer Featherweight for Christmas.  I absolutely adore this sewing machine, it was made in 1957 (I tracked it down through the serial number) and it’s the most beautiful sewing machine I’ve ever seen.

Here she is looking all pretty on my desk:

It’s quite a small machine in comparison to my Janome, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in being much prettier than the poor machines on either side!  Within 10 minutes of opening the box I had her out and on the table and was sewing away.  I’m amazed how unbelievably quiet she is – my Janome is soooo noisy!

The machine came in it’s original box with lots of bits and pieces such as needles, instruction booklet and even a little bottle of oil.  There is also a rubber mat to sit the machine on.  It’s obviously been really well cared for and definitely loved.  I first fell in love with these machines after finding one on ebay which led me to this website, have a look, it’s full of interesting facts about Singer Featherweight machines.  I’m going to go and play with it now!

Written by Sarah

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Chris Linacre

It looks great they don’t make them like that anymore. I have an old Jones Treadle machine with all the original bits n bobs and instruction books – I dated it back to early 20th century through the serial number. The art work on it is superb.I bought it to make a garden table but can’t bare to destroy such a beautiful piece of workmanship

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