I’m so worn out!  It’s amazing how tiring it can be being outside all weekend!  By the time I got home from Art in the Gardens this weekend I felt like I’d been on a 10 mile hike!  Thanks to everyone who turned out in the chilly weather to visit this weekend though, at least it didn’t rain! (well, until the last minute that is!)  It seemed a little quieter than last year, I’m not sure if that’s because of the £5 entrance fee which I think should have been reduced this year (what with the ‘current economic climate’ and all!).  Thank you to everyone who bought something, I had lots of lovely comments about my work which was lovely!  The hubby dutifully sat by my side all weekend, apart from when the sausage sandwiches called to him from time to time, he was a star as always.

We also had a nice surprise as some of our friends were there too – Sophy Sylvester and Rob Ward were there, they are fellow Craft Candy members so it’s always nice to have a natter with them.  I also met other lovely stallholders whose work was fantastic – Whiskey House and Louise Taylor Originals, Nicky Dillerstone and Jessica Elizabeth to name a few.  Lovely ladies and their work was gorgeous – if only I could afford to buy something!

I was also quite chuffed with my stall layout, I’ve had problems before making everything fit together and to also give some height to the display – I think this one is my best yet!

Art in the Gardens

Art in the Gardens

I took a few new products this weekend including my new purse designs, buttons and also a couple of small fabric samples of the new fabrics I’ll be doing soon.  I got quite a lot of interest in these which is really encouraging so watch out for the new fabrics at my next big fair – Candy Cane in November!

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