Naughty me, I disappeared again.  When you’re off work the days and weeks just merge and I’ve now got to the point when I’m not sure what day it is sometimes!  Things have been bubbling along, I’ve been in the studio when I can, just trying to keep doing things.  Printing anything that requires lifting large frames or leaning across the table is still difficult so instead I’ve been sorting out what’s left of my stock, doing lots of admin jobs and cutting up some fabric.  Sounds boring eh?  Well it’s not, I have to keep ticking over or I’d miss it all a bit too much!  Lucky for me I was extremely efficient before Christmas and made lots of stock which has kept me going, it’s now starting to run out though and so I’ll have to start making a few small items so I have enough stock for upcoming fairs this Summer.  The first of which I had on Saturday at the June Craft Candy Mini which was back at Bungalows and Bears.

I always enjoyed the minis, I’ve never had a stall before but I used to go down and help Lucia set up.  It was always good to meet all the stall holders, most of them often apply for the big fairs later on so it’s great to meet them and see their work first hand before then.

This time I took everything I had left and managed to fill the 4 foot table nicely, it was a fairly quiet day but the weather was gorgeous and I had a lovely afternoon chatting with everyone.  This one was arranged a bit last minute but there are another 2 fairs booked in for July and August – go here for more information.

I’ve not been very well for the last few days so I’m having a couple of days off from the studio – it’s those pesky pain killers I’ve been on since February have finally pushed my stomach over the edge and I’ve been suffering from bad stomach cramps and feeling sick for the last week.  I’m off them now but I’m still not eating much at the moment and food seems to bring back the stomach ache!  At least my stomach can have a rest though and try and recover itself.  So I’m at home doing some embroidery and catching up with some Etsy and Folksy listing, if only the weather was a little nicer and I could take my laptop out in the back garden and sit in the sunshine!

Written by Sarah

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