Of course I know the answer to that question, it’s no.  It has been a thought that has been floating through my brain for a number of years. In fact I had thought about doing another degree (an MA this time) since about 2004.  At the time though it was because I was thinking about doing a librarianship MA to become a librarian. I had not long been working for libraries, only about 6 months or so and I thought it was a good idea, especially seeing as me and hubby had discussed the fact that I was due to do an MA first!  This of course didn’t happen, I still ummed and rrrrd about it for a while but my original idea of starting my own business wouldn’t leave me alone, after all, it was a major reason for going part time in the first place.

So I shelved the idea of an MA and hubby started planning to do his.  But the idea of doing a course had got me wondering whether I should go back to college and do some kind of textiles course.  So I started looking at local courses and couldn’t find anything specific enough yet near.  I look back on that now and regret not pushing myself further because here I am 4 years later and still feeling the same way.  I had a good chat with one of my friends just before Christmas, she had gone to university later than the norm (although 4 years younger than I am now) and worked extremely hard, commuted a fair distance and raised a family in the meantime, I was amazed.  It is true that if you really want something then you will achieve it.

My indecision comes wrapped up with a few other concerns, my hubby hasn’t finished his (long long long!) part time MA, we’ll be nearly 30 when he does.  If at that point we even had enough money for me to do an access course/or foundation then by the time I left uni I’d be 34.  That would be the time I would be thinking about starting up my business again but should it be the point by which I should have started a family of my own?  Too many questions!

So now I’ve started to question what I would get from doing another degree.  I’m arty, run my own textiles business and have already completed a BA (albeit an academic History of Art & Design course) so why can’t I shape my own future without another degree?  Maybe I can or maybe I can’t.  I pick my hubby’s brains for this one, he did it all right; art foundation, 1st degree in practical design/craft and now an MA in Design. I’ll let you know what I decide, in the meantime I’m going to make sure that I stop pondering and make things happen!


Written by Sarah


Joey Ramone

Hiya Sarah
I was going to leave a comment but I’m finding this very hard, so instead i’ll ask you some questions which may or may not help you decide what you want to do!

What do you want to achieve in life? Do you have goals?
What makes you most happy?
What (if anything) would you change about your current situation?
Are there alternative paths you could take/methods you could use, to achieve the same goal?

I hope this helps.
Joey x

Steph Tranah

I am having the same thoughts going thru my brain!Except I have to start from scratch! I am looking to study a Degree in textiles but will probably need to do a pre degree first! I am 24 and have a one year old so will need to study part time!So im going to be in my thirties when I finish!!I really want to specialise in Knitting and found a MA in constructive textiles very appealing but I have a long way to get there!
Im not really answering your question but I found it comforting that someone is thinking the same as me!! I have been questioning if I should go ahead with the degree or not and what will happen if we want more children etc etc!

But I love knitting and want to get something more out of it and learn a great deal more!So I have to pursue!! I think!
x x

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