Sorry for disappearing off the face of the planet but I have a really good excuse – I moved house!  The purchase of our house finally sped up and suddenly we were moving on the 30th March, house buying is a nightmare – never again!  So we’ve been in the house for almost three weeks now and all of it has been without the internet, now I never thought I was the kind of person who was addicted to the internet but it’s amazing how much you rely on it.  I found myself getting stressed because I couldn’t check my online banking and could only reply to a few emails via my phone (which isn’t particularly easy!)  When the lovely broadband men turned up Friday morning we almost hugged them, I wasn’t so happy to see the 300+ emails in my inbox though but with a bit of work I’ve managed to get through them all!

A few days before we moved house it was the Craft Candy Spring Fling Craft Fair at Millennium Gallery and it was a wonderful event.  The weather was beautiful too which made the day that much better but also the 1200+ Sheffield folk who turned out for the event meant that the day was a spectacular success.  They are so much hard work to organise but I do love doing them, now I get a break of a few weeks before applications start all over again for our Summer fair!  Here’s me on my stall:

And here is a rare moment, we managed to get most of the Craft Candy members together long enough to have a photo taken!

So what else have I been up to?  Not a lot to be honest, I’m still off work and fed up of the back ache and the fact I still can’t get back to normal!  I’ve tried to do a little printing here and there but not been able to do much without severely regretting it the following day!  I have two new screens though which I’m desperate to print from so I’m contemplating hiring someone to help me out with the printing.

Here is a sneaky peek of one of my new designs and to celebrate the fact that I’ve reached a lovely 100 fans on my Facebook page I’ve decided to give a piece of it away!  The print is called English Insults and is printed in a gorgeous yellow on my hemp and cotton mix fabric.  To enter simply leave a comment (don’t forget to put your name) on this post between now and Saturday and I’ll announce a winner on Sunday!  The fabric will be for sale in both my Etsy and Folksy shops shortly.

Written by Sarah



Ooh I like this perfect for making a bag with for when you are having a bad day, lol! Elissa


I love this fabric!! “You sir, are a cad and a bounder” I could have hours of fun with this…

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