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Knitting Challenge

This is always the time of year when I go crazy just trying to get Christmas presents knitted, this year I just have the one though – a jumper for Owen. After Christmas 2012 I decided to stop knitting presents for the whole family and I must admit, it’s led to a much calmer December.  This year I… Read more »

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Knitting in the midst of the summer

The weather has been beautiful, it’s been slightly hotter than I can handle but then again, I’m fair and pale and so I was never built for the sun.  The sunshine has been gorgeous though, the garden is loving it and so are the pugs. Quick pug update: Lola and Ethel are getting on marvellously… Read more »

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Crochet meets sci-fi

I just have to sing to the heavens today about a super talented crocheter, Allison Hoffman.  She sells under the name Crafty is Cool and this Austin based artist is so unbelievably talented. At the end of 2012 she announced she was releasing the patterns to her adorable Doctor Who set and as the sci-fi… Read more »

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I had a very fortunate introduction to black and white and early colour films as a small child.  My mum and dad loved old films, for my mum it was old black and white films, usually with James Stewart, Humphrey Bogart or Carey Grant, for my Dad it was Westerns.  I consider myself very lucky… Read more »

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Spring Knitting 2013

1. Tea Garden Dress  2. Still Light Tunic  3. Gray Cardigan This is a naughty post as starting any one of these items would mean breaking one of my new years resolutions but I have to have something to dream about and to spur me on in my quest to finish my hibernating knitting projects…. Read more »

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Process not Product

I have yet another new project on the needles, for me this is a bad thing.  I’m a process knitter not a product knitter, much to my disgust.  Basically that means that I love the art of knitting but find it difficult to finish off a project as I just love knitting and get so… Read more »

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Mitten Bliss

Firstly I want to apologise for my shop being on holiday at the moment, it’s been closed for a week now whilst I recuperate.  The two back to back illnesses I had really knocked me out and when I returned to work after the last one I knew I’d come back too soon so now… Read more »

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Knit knit knit

My blog title refers to the fact I’m a bit of a knitting addict but there hasn’t been much knitting related content on here recently.  Work has meant that my knitting has been definitely put to one side for the last couple of months but to be honest, it is always a bit like that… Read more »