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May print-fest

May has been a none stop print-fest, from custom orders to commissioned work then the culmination of my AA2A artist residency at Sheffield Hallam. It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind really.  Here is some of the work I’ve been doing… I can’t share with you some of the commissioned work I’ve been doing… Read more »

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New colours

I’ve had quite a few orders of the Knitting print fabrics over the past few days in my shops, wonder where that came from?  Maybe I’ve been linked from somewhere. It’s got me thinking though, I really should print these in some other colours (and also I’m contemplating getting a metre screen made for this… Read more »

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Sheffield inspired prints

A few months ago I started work on some Sheffield prints which would form part of the work to be submitted for Christmas Crackers this year.  One of the prints had been a long time coming, it’s a follow-up to my English Insults print.  English Insults still proves to be one of my more popular… Read more »

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Triumphs and disasters

This week has been another busy one as I’ve been printing custom orders and also printing the first small runs of the new collection which launches this week.  It’s been nice to get back in the swing of the metre printing, especially now that I have my swanky new screen storage which makes getting access… Read more »

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Busy busy busy

Where did I go? Well, I’ve been running around like a crazy person and have had my fingers in a lot of pies which means I’ve left my poor blog neglected. Here’s what’s I’ve been up to… The studio has also turned into a mess whilst we carry out some much needed work, I’m not… Read more »

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Test printing the new designs

This week has seen the start of the test printing of the three new designs of the Spring/Summer collection.  I announced their names last week and now here is the chance to see a sneak preview of the designs themselves.  All three are test printed first on unbleached calico, the final designs are then printed… Read more »

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Bundles of fabric

Last week I was a very busy gal.  One thing I was determined to fit into my week though was finally putting some scrap packs of fabric together.  I have a huge pile of hand printed offcuts which I use for a variety of different things but my collection is now completely out of control… Read more »

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Poor little owls

I saw this video on BBC News this morning and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, thankfully the little trapped owl in Miami seemed ok despite being trapped behind the grille of a monster car.  Of course I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with some owl inspired printing…