Today I am happy because I have four days off for Easter holidays!  I went back to work today just for a very short shift as we were only open this morning.  I still felt really poorly today but I just kept telling myself it was only for a few hours and soon I would be back at home under my blanket.  My throat feels worse today and now it’s 10pm and I’m extremely croaky!

I thought I’d upload a few pictures from my trip to York before I go to bed.  I had a lovely time even though I felt quite ill at times but I’m glad I went in the end.  It was so nice seeing Helen as I only get to see her maybe once a year, although we have promised to meet up again in the summer back in her hometown of Manchester.  I must go back to York soon though when I’m not ill as I still forgot to go to Duttons for Buttons which was one of the main places I wanted to visit!  I came home on the train thinking I really must have been ill not to remember that place.

Here is a lovely shot of the Minster:

And another one a bit closer:

And here is my extremely photogenic friend Helen:

That was all I took yesterday but I thought I’d post these of some of the pics me and hubby took whilst we were in York in November for my birthday.  Here is the Shambles, one of the oldest streets in York (see all the nice Christmas trees?):

And here was a gorgeous window dressing in a lovely shop that I really can’t remember the name of.  I just took one look at this window and fell in love – how beautiful is this?



I must find out the name of this shop and properly credit it!

So after a lovely day visiting my old friend I came home extremely tired and found this postcard waiting for me…

My over-enthusiastic flash has slightly obscurred the words, it says “Knitting for the RAF”.  It was sent to me by one of my other uni friends who still lives here in Sheffield.  She always has the knack of sending me lovely little treasures she finds when she goes away.  This was something she found when she went back home and visited a museum in North Yorkshire.  Isn’t it great to have fantastic thoughtful friends (I must add – she’s a knitter too!)

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Hi missis. There’s a problem with some of your photos not showing. Or is that just my PC?… Helen *is* very photogenic, is in’t she. Glad you had good day despite your cold. :)


Not sure why you can’t see the photos Zoe – did they just take a while to load?

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