I love Parkin, it’s a very special Yorkshire Treat and I just can’t get enough of it.  That’s probably why I don’t cook it that often, because if I did, I’d probably be like a house-side.  I made some for our bonfire night celebrations last year and then also popped it on my Christmas food to-do list but I never got around to it so instead it’s become our New Years treat.  My favourite recipe is this one by Delia Smith.  I don’t know about you but I grew up in a ‘Delia house’ and have sampled a fair few of her recipes over the years, this is by far one of the best.

Last time I made it we didn’t manage to put it away for a week to allow the top to get nice and sticky, this time I was determined that we would and so that meant cooking it whilst Owen was at work and hiding it away in a tin somewhere he couldn’t find it, otherwise he would have just demolished it before the week was out.

A tip for the wise, check your cooking times carefully.  I cook the Parkin in my anodised aluminium brownie tin and usually it is ready after about 1hr 20 to 1hr 30 mins, Delia recommends a 1 hr 45 to 2 hrs cooking time.  Be careful not to overcook your Parkin or you’ll end up with a very tough top and you’ll need teeth of steel to bite through it.



Written by Sarah

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