Since I’m feeling a bit better today we thought we’d get some home DIY projects out of the way.  The main one was fitting a new larger shelf in the attic above my sewing desk so that I had more room for storage.  I’ve been making do with three smaller shelves that aren’t very wide and really didn’t have enough space for everything.  Hubby borrowed a drill and spent the best part of an hour taking down the old shelves and putting up the new one, they putting the old ones back up around the new one.  Here is my lovely new storage…

Most of my things were piled on my desk before or across the other side of the room so now I have a nice organised area in which to work.  I’ve also moved my desk from the other wall to make room for my printing table.  The only problem with that was that I had lots of pictures and notes up on the wall where my desk used to be and I’ve pulled off lots of bits of plaster moving them to the new wall!!!
Now all I need to do is clear my printing desk of all of the fabric waiting to be sewn/printed!

Whilst I rearranged and put everything back on the shelves Owen took care of the puggies…

It wasn’t long before they were asleep though – don’t they look cute!  Anyone would think they’d been hard at work!  It’s such a hard life being a pug.

Written by Sarah

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