A friend recently suggested I revisit my idea of doing workshops now that I have a larger studio space, what do you think?  Would that be a good idea?  I was going to teach some printing workshops whilst we ran workshops for Craft Candy because we had so many requests for printing workshops,  but I just never had enough time to arrange it, now that my circumstances are a little different it might be a good time to look at it again.

So, I’m just wondering what kind of thing you might want to learn if you came to a day long printing workshop?  Options would be screen or block printing.  For screen printing it would be a basic screen printing, with using stencils to get a printed image.  Exposing a photographic screen would have to be a longer course due to the nature of the set up so that’s not an option just at the moment.

What kind of things would you want to print on?  Why would you come to a course like this, what would you want to learn?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Written by Sarah



Hi Sarah, we currently live in Kent but are in the process of moving back to Sheffield and I would love to see you running some workshops. My wife and I connected with a group in Whitstable and did some courses with them a while back and were a member of their open workshop for a while too. Not only did it give us the chances to use equipment we couldn’t have had at home but it was a great social experience. I thought you might get some ideas from their website: http://www.theprintblock.com/



I would love to learn to screen print! I am going back to uni in september and I am going to sheffield, it looks like my boyfriend is also going there so we might be moving there. I particularly want to learn to print on fabrics so if you move ahead with this I would definitely like to know about it!
I love your pug fabric!

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