I’m off to work this morning, but why?  It’s my Saturday off?  It’s because it’s the first Craft Candy workshop today – how exciting!

I really must rethink the whole mixing work with ‘other work’ idea though, I was only at the library yesterday and now I’m back again, it’ll feel weird being there but not working!  We are fully booked for the workshop today, in fact it booked out in a matter of days.  It doesn’t surprise me though, Heather Dewick makes beautiful notebooks and journals and people jumped at the chance of having her teach them how to make their own.  I just wish I could do the workshop, I’ll wait until later though because hopefully Heather will do some more workshops for us later on in the year.

This week has been full of snow.  I don’t have any pretty snow pictures to show you though.  Our camera has been playing up so I haven’t had the chance to take any at all.  This week was also baby week, I am now aunt to a beautiful baby boy!  My sister gave birth last weekend and he’s absolutely adorable…

My sis has been a little poorly again with baby Jack, just like she was with my niece Lizzy but hopefully with some rest and recovery she’ll be feeling tonnes better very soon.

I hope to have some lovely new prints to share with you all soon, I was coating and exposing like a trouper this week, I’m trying to use up all my emulsion so I can turn my noisy mini fridge off.  My mini fridge in the attic keeps my emulsion cool but it’s soooo noisy!  It only has to be on for about a month at a time but I forget how bad it is when it’s been off for a while.  My head hurts now!  So I will be printing up some of my cute new designs this weekend and will show pictures very soon I promise.

Better dash and get off to set up the workshop.

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Congratulations on the birth of your nephew – he looks adorable :)
Hope your sister recovers soon.

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