After a much needed 4 days off work I’m back this afternoon and already I have spent all morning getting all busy as a bee!  I ordered some new screen yesterday and it promptly turned up in the post this morning at 10 am – now that’s service!So I’ve been busy stretching screens and hopefully I’ll get them emulsioned up before I have to leave.  I’ve also been getting my print on… I’ve printed up a couple of metres of canvas with my scissor print to make into sewing gear… 



Here is my tiny cramped attic/studio!


I also printed up the puggy print on some linen scrim…


Hubby has trotted off to university this morning armed with a pen drive full of my designs to print off on acetate so hopefully by this evening I’ll be able to do some exposing!  

Written by Sarah



For exposing my screens, I usually just oil my images (copies on regular copy paper) to make them transparent, instead of printing on acetate, film or vellum. Beats waiting to get them reprinted, and the cost; I wonder why you don’t do that instead?

Btw, I came by when I saw your pug sleeping by your S P-M Casts Off and Itty Bitty Hats book… I’ve read both, and I’m a knitter and pug lover too!


Hi Mary! I did think about the oiled paper but acetates are so cheap for me to buy and I can print them at my old uni so that costs nothing. Hubby is there 3 days a week so I don’t have to wait too long. They teach the oil method at uni actually!
It’s nice to meet a fellow pug fan!


I love the pug print design!! I love pugs and their cute faces but Im totally allergic to them unfortunately! I’d love to learn to screenprint – did you learn in Sheffield? I’m based in Sheffield too but haven’t been able to find any short screen printing or surface decoration courses but might be looking in the wrong place!


Hi Lucia! I did look around for courses myself but in the end I gave up and taught myself! I love your website by the way, you sell some lovely things! Some of the things are a very similar style to the kind of the things I make!

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