Life isn’t supposed to be easy, I know that and have always believed that if you believe that it isn’t then you’ll be able to cope with everything it throws at you.  We’ve had a bad week this week in our family, a bereavement in my beloved hubby’s family too sad to mention and a poorly uncle in hospital on my side.  All you can do though is try to remain positive and get through things which is what we’re trying to do.

I’ve kept myself busy as always with work.  I had a good meeting with a lovely chap at SENTA last week which was really helpful.  It was a beautiful warm day when I went too which always makes things better, since then though it’s been getting chillier and I love that weather.  I’m an autumn and winter person, always have been.  Today I got out my brown strappy doc martens and my winter jacket and cardigan.  mmmmm toasty.

The fabric printing is also well under way, here is what I’ve been up to this past week:

Fabric printing

Here is my Birdcage print in Cherry Red.  I’ve planned for 4 different prints (3 to be ready by the Wool & Textiles fair) in a range of colours with some being sold in packs of 2 and others separately.  It’s quite exciting really, space limited me so much when I worked from home, whereas my studio has allowed me to branch out a bit!

I’ve also been busy preparing orders as I have one order to go to a gallery in Newcastle, another knitting bag order for Kangaroo and I’m preparing an order for that Christmas Craft exhibition, although I have a few weeks before that one has to go! So to say I’m keeping busy is a bit of an understatement!


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Sorry to hear about the bereavement in your family :(.
I also hope that your uncle gets a bit better soon.

Creating is a great way to stay positive! You keep on!!

Cute print :D – I look forward to seeing you and the fabrics on the 26th. I’ve found some more strength so try and stop me!!

Lots of love

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