Yep, that’s right, I attempted my self assessment!  I won actually!  It wasn’t a fair fight though, lots of nasty-ness, Internet access trying to sabotage me by cutting out whilst submitting my application, trying to the odd rogue receipt which turned up like a bad penny at the end – all the usual kind of stuff.

I’m unbelievably glad I’ve done it though, we always need to do ours a little early anyway as July is the Working Tax credit info deadline date when we have to send info of everything we’ve earnt the previous year so the nice big Tax Man can decide whether to give us more money or to take some back.  Luckily they’ve never taken any off us cause we’re pretty good at keeping it all up to date!

I’ve also been super busy preparing to move this week, the evil neighbours really outdid themselves a couple of weeks ago so we’ve had enough!  We’ve been at this house for 2.5 years but we’ve lived in this yard for 5 in total (it’s a long story but we’ve lived in three adjacent houses!!!).  I’ll really miss it actually – we’ve already said by to the guys who run the garage at the end of the road and will be delivering a huge box of biscuits to say thanks for taking our post in all these years!  We’ve also said goodbye to the people at the chinese (yum yum, will miss their food) and various other places we always shop, now we just have to catch our fab postman and give him a big box of chocolates.  I took a pretty picture of my back yard before we took all the plants to the allotment.

Our back garden

I love our little back yard, it’s only tiny but we’ve done lots with it over the last few years.  We’ve always grown veg at home apart from this summer when we decided to get rid of all the veg beds on the lawn and make the grass space bigger for our two little puggies.  Our lovely cherry tree sits on the left hand side, it was teeny when we planted it nearly 3 years ago and now it’s 8 feet tall!  Goodbye garden! xx

Written by Sarah

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