One of my missions for 2010 is find some wholesalers for my fabrics.  I sell to 6 different shops and galleries for my accessories and knitting products but I’d really like to be able to find some shops to stock my fabrics.  Hand printed fabrics are a bit of a specialised market though so the best thing to do is try and trawl the internet methinks! I’ve seen a couple so now I just have to have some pretty pictures and with a bit of luck someone will like them enough to stock them!

If anyone has any suggestions of lovely places which might be suitable then please get in touch!

I took some lovely new pictures of my fabrics though just before Christmas, including the new colourways of Bird Brolly:

New fabric colours

I’m still in limbo a bit as far as doing larger pieces of fabric goes, I’m eagerly awaiting the decision about my mini grant so cross your fingers that it all goes smoothly for me!  I’ve applied for a grant to pay for a wash out booth – they cost a small fortune (mostly in the region of £1000) and it really is a very important piece of machinery for me!  Without a wash out booth I can’t wash out larger screens – without larger screens I can’t easily print larger pieces of fabric which scuppers my plans to start selling fabrics by the meter.  At the moment I have a beautiful old ceramic Belfast type sink which is lovely and does the job but only for smallish screens, hence the washout booth.  Also if I’m successful with my grant I’m going to order 5 large screens at the same time (because I also don’t have the facilities to expose large screens – my exposure box is too small!) three will be designs already in production  – Bird cage, Perky Polka and Bird Brolly and then they’ll be two new designs to print which is so exciting!  It will be a great investment too as I’ll be getting it custom made to fit my studio and I’ve made sure it’ll be big enough to fit the largest screen that I would ever need to use – which will hopefully be when I actually start employing someone – that’s on my 5 year plan!

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Rebecca Rowntree

I am opening a small store and I would like to possibly order some things from you.
What are your requirements?
I would love to hear from you.

Thank You,
Rebecca Rowntree

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