Well, I really have no idea where to start really!  I have had one of the busiest months ever I think and I feel well and truly worn out!  I have something to celebrate today though, it’s my wedding anniversary, me and the hubby have been married 5 years today and he gave me a beautiful present of a diamond ring which he made himself.  I couldn’t have asked for a nicer present really!  He’s been an absolute star this past month, I have no idea what I’d do without him!

Well, I’ll have to try and start somewhere I suppose – I think I’ll blog a little every day this week to try and cover all the exciting things that have happened this past month, firstly I moved house, then I moved in to my studio.  Then there was all the organising for Candyfloss craft fair and the fair itself and then I went on holiday to beautiful St Ives – here’s a sneak peak…

Porthmeor Beach

The weather was absolutely beautiful apart from one day of rain so we were really lucky.  Me and the hubby love St Ives, it’s our favourite place.  We’d both really like to be living by the sea if we could and St Ives feels like home to us, maybe it’s all the steep hills!

I’ve come down with a lurgy since we came home though so have felt a bit crappy for a couple of days.  I’m determined not to let it dampen my mood on my anniversary though!  Am off to curl up on the sofa with some ice cream – it’s very good for sore throats!!  xx

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