Naming a fabric is on the whole very easy, but how do you know if you’ve given it the right name?  I tend to stick to very descriptive names for my fabrics so I go with either the name of the pattern or the inspiration behind the design.  This week I’ve named my three new fabrics, let’s see if you can get an inkling of what the designs will be like from their names:

Thunderbolt, Deco, Trinity

Names can make a big difference on how people perceive your work, I like to keep mine simple as I want them to be easy to remember, although you can fall in the trap of having other designers choose similar names.  I also work in a similar way for naming colours although I tend to try and come up with names that evoke a lovely delicious sound so most of my colours tend to be named after food such as Tangerine, Chocolate, Cherry Red etc.

Next week I should be able to give you a sneak peak of the designs themselves as I do my colour tests, then it’s on to the major fabric printing to create the first proper run.

Written by Sarah

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