I’ve gone very quiet, so where have I been?  Printing in the studio and ill in bed is the simple answer.  The last batch of fabrics were finished in a crazy 24 hour stint at the studio last weekend, we came in at 7am on the Sunday morning and left at 9am on the Monday.  Why did such a crazy thing occur?  Well, the fabric needed finishing to send to the heat setters on the Wednesday and I was very aware that I was coming down with the cold that had struck down my husband the previous week.  The only answer was to get it all done in one long session before I got too poorly so that’s what we did.  Needless to say, I went home and straight to bed and didn’t emerge until the Friday as my cold turned into a chest infection.  Whilst I was snoozing and coughing the fairies took the fabric to be heat set so on my return to the studio yesterday the cutting up could begin, here’s a sneak preview.