I’ve gone very quiet, so where have I been?  Printing in the studio and ill in bed is the simple answer.  The last batch of fabrics were finished in a crazy 24 hour stint at the studio last weekend, we came in at 7am on the Sunday morning and left at 9am on the Monday.  Why did such a crazy thing occur?  Well, the fabric needed finishing to send to the heat setters on the Wednesday and I was very aware that I was coming down with the cold that had struck down my husband the previous week.  The only answer was to get it all done in one long session before I got too poorly so that’s what we did.  Needless to say, I went home and straight to bed and didn’t emerge until the Friday as my cold turned into a chest infection.  Whilst I was snoozing and coughing the fairies took the fabric to be heat set so on my return to the studio yesterday the cutting up could begin, here’s a sneak preview.

The last batch of Crowdfunder rewards are going out this week and the fabric will be up for sale in my Etsy shop too so if you have your eye on a particular print you wont have to wait too long.

Written by Sarah


Anna Stassen

Oh gosh I hope you’re feeling better now Sarah! The fabrics are just stunning (^O^) and I am sure that all your investors will be absolutely over the moon!


Ooops, only just spotted this comment on my much neglected blog! Thanks Anna, I’ve had some lovely feedback from investors which is great :)

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