Today has actually been a productive day, typical that it’s Sunday and I’ve spent all week in too much pain to do anything but lay around or sit at my desk surfing the internet!  Look what happened –

Where did they all come from?  I made 12 pugs today (slight fib, they were already printed – I just had to sew and stuff them!)  I like this kind of productivity, the kind that can be done by continuing to sit at a desk and not hurt myself too much.  I made a plan yesterday of all the work I need to do, new products I want to make and a plan so I prepare for my next fair.  My plan was to make 10 pugs so I’m glad I can actually cross something off the list already.  If you notice, these are slightly different to my last set of pugs because they aren’t backed with gingham but with a brand new print of mine called ‘Paws & Bones’.  Not a very good picture I know, I’m going to take some more in the daylight so I can list a few on etsy.

I have some new fabrics (I bought them with some Christmas vouchers/Xmas money) so I’m a very happy lady.  These first two are Amy Butler prints from Coles:

And these are from a local shop called Patchwork Garden:

I know what I’m going to do with all of them (apart from the lovely street scene).  The Amy Butler fabrics are for a tunic dress and Barcelona skirt (both Amy’s patterns) and the apple print is for another Amy pattern called Cabo Halter.  I made one of these halter neck tops last year and when I saw this apple print I knew it would be perfect.

So now that I’ve ticked all the boxes of things I had to do today it’s back to work, maybe I’ll do a bit of listing on Etsy and Folksy and then it’ll be time for some lovely tea followed by homemade treacle pud – yum yum!

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