I’m not sure how much more rain we can take here! I am wondering exactly when our summer is going to start. I suppose if the weather was good though I would only feel bad that I was inside working instead of out enjoying it though, us Brits just like a good moan really!

Well, only a week to go now until the fair and I can’t wait to actually be able to sit down on my sofa and relax. I came back from work yesterday and sat down for a hug with the pugs and realised that I couldn’t remember the last time I sat down there! I seem to go from the dining table straight to the attic. I even watched last nights Doctor Who sat in front of the computer screen on an uncomfortable dining room chair.

What a good episode! My only criticism is that the the ‘saying goodbye to everyone’ scenes seemed too rushed. I also hate to see the Doctor left alone again, Rose gets a Doctor but the Doctor doesn’t get his Rose does he? Boo hoo

Written by Sarah

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