Our offer on the house we really wanted was accepted so we’re moving!  With a bit of luck in 2-3 months we’ll be in our own house – let’s just hope the survey doesn’t show up anything nasty!  It was the first house we looked at and is on the road I’ve wanted to live on for quite a while so hopefully it’ll be a lovely home for me, the hubby and the pugs.  It’s got it’s own private access too (no more shared terrace access for us!) and it’s own back garden with lawn, patio and vegetable patch!  It’ll be so nice to have somewhere that the dogs can actually run around, our house at the moment has the tiniest graveled yard and nothing else.  Even before when we had a lawn the dogs didn’t really have enough room to run around and we had to fence it off as we shared a back yard with 3 other houses.  I can’t wait to actually feel like we have at least a bit of privacy and no-one walking past the dogs every five minutes and making them bark!

So this week it’s lots of trips to the solicitors and getting the survey sorted out, I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

All this house moving idea has got me tidying and clearing out.  We’re downgrading to a 2 bedroom house from a 3 bedroom house so I need to get rid of a few things, today I cleared out my huge fabric collection – that wasn’t easy!  Next it’ll be the knitting and other crafty bits and bobs.  Even though I’m getting rid of things I’m also thinking about buying new things, here is a new book by Jenny Hart:

Embroidery Effects

I love her embroidery books, I have them all – and also a fair few of her kits!  I might have to order this one next time I’m feeling like I’m due a little pressie!

Written by Sarah

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