It’s been busy busy busy in the studio this week, there have been plenty of late nights, it really is a home from home so it’s a good job we have a nice comfy sofa.  I’ve extended the printing table from 6 to 8 metres, printed up wholesale orders, done lots of designing for some new screens, printed up the new Pods fabric and prepared the studio for the big fabric delivery due today. Here is some of the exciting goings-on from the past 7 days.


Table extended from 6m to 8m

Padded top on table

Top stretched and fixed and rail back on – all done!

Bit of photography of new size fabric pieces

New Pugs design coming soon

New Pugs design coming soon

Wholesale order, printed and ready for it's new home

Wholesale order, printed and ready for it’s new home

Pods fabric

Pods fabric


Written by Sarah



Your pug fabric is amazing!! I also love the pods on dofferent colours! So jealous of your job!x


Thanks Kristy :) I’ve been meaning to do a new pug fabric for ages now so I can’t wait to get printing!

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