It was very close but Pug number 3 won by one vote!  I’ve picked a winner at random using that fab little random number generator and the winner is comment number…..

7 – Gillian from Nottingham

Congratulations Gillian, as soon as pug number 3 gets made I’ll send you one!

I’ve decided to name this one Maddy after a lovely little pug who is friends with my Lola and Ruby, it’s actually another design based on my Lola but we can’t have 2 Lola’s can we?

I think I’ll do some lovely new colour variations for this new pug and if that one does well then I might also put one or two of the other designs in to production seeing as it was such a close call.  I also think it’s about time I did some drawings of our little Ruby, she’s almost three years old now and still hasn’t had her portrait drawn.  I think it’s time she was turned into a Cuddly Pug too!

My girls say a big thank you for voting! x

Written by Sarah

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