Today is that day I dread – wool washing day!!! How can someone love knitting so much but HATE hand washing wool? I absolutely loathe it – I keep leaving it all in a big pile in the washing basket just hoping that my hubby will do it but he never does! This morning so far I have washed 5 handwash tops, 4 cardigans and 3 jumpers – and my beloved pink handknitted socks of course.Here they are drying on their sock blockers on my washing line (the pegs are there to make sure there is no unwanted stretching!)I love these socks – they were the first pair I ever knitted for myself and they are warm and cozy – a little big though – I obviously don’t have the ‘American average foot size’.Now on to the baby trousers – these are for Lizzy and they are going to be adorable. They don’t need to be finished until Christmas so I am knitting them large in the hope that by then she wont be too big to fit in them! Only one leg so far, both legs are knitted on dpns then they are added to the main trousers which are knitted usins circular needles. I can’t wait to see them finished.

Written by Sarah

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