I’ve been in a bit of a slump the last few months since I lost my job, it’s really knocked me, so I’ve thrown myself into my business, which is about all you can do in a situation like that.  I’ve found it really difficult to get out of this dip though, there’s nothing like a knock to your confidence coupled with money worries to really take it out of you.

So it’s time for a change and I’m starting with a nice easy one.  I haven’t been for a hair cut in a very VERY long time, not since I was working, so it’s time to trim those split ends and treat myself, bit extravagant I know but you haven’t seen the mess that I refer to as my hair.  I’ve no idea what I’ll come out with, see how the mood takes me, I feel like having something completely radical so I can be someone else for a while.

Will keep you posted.

Edited Weds PM: Went with a pixie cut at the hairdressers and I love it.  Someone already hasn’t recognised me :)

detail of embroidered hair

Embroidered Hair by Gracie’s Garden Bazaar


Written by Sarah


franny morris

Hi Sarah, I left Sheffield to move to Devon over 8 years ago and have never recovered. I struggled to find an appropriate job because I had become so specialised – something I had never expected to be a problem. I had to leave my job in November because of a severe conflict between work and my family and now my 22 years nursing experience is at risk if I don’t continue, which at present seems impossible.

I’m at a cross roads and have just started my knitting kit business (2 months ago) because my dreams would come true if I could make it work, I’ve always fantasised about making my living in a creative way. I’m currently struggling with social networking and blogging and have days when I think it won’t work. Then I think of what I’ve achieved (against the odds) in such a short time and I take heart. I have no money and have not made any which is worrying me but I know it’s early days – The Hallamshire feels a VERY long way away!
I have looked at your stuff which is fantastic and very marketable and I feel confident that you’ll do well.
Good luck and I hope you like your hair x


Hi Franny.
Thanks for the lovely comment, it sounds like you’ve remained so positive through such a big change, I always thinks that’s so important. Persevere with the social networking and blogging and it will all fall into place I promise.

I went with a pixie cut in the end so very different from my below the shoulder length – I love it!

Oh, and Sheffield says hello :)
Sarah x

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