Do you ever have one of those days when you want to do nothing but sort things out? Well, I’m having one of those days, maybe I’ve been spurred on by the nice weather, or the fact my back is feeling better or even because I ordered some new glasses! (Pics coming soon)

Firstly I went to the docs this morning for a back update and then I went to pick up my contact lenses (due to bad back this was sooooo overdue!) and then I called in to choose a new pair of glasses. My old ones (Moschino) are lovely but I’ve had them 4 years now and it’s time for a change, plus I fancied something a bit more suited to summer. My old ones are brown and not very bright-colours friendly!

Then I came home and decided to sort out the hubby’s wardrobe, this is due to the severe holey clothes situation. Whilst I was at it I thought I’d put all the winter clothes away and get out the summer skirts and shorts! Do you ever forget how many nice clothes you actually have?

After all that I still hadn’t eradicated the whole sorting bug and set my sights on my stash. Big mistake! I have attempted clear outs before and ended up not finishing the job which has left me with an unfinished inventory for many years. I then buy new yarn and forget to add it to the list! So now I’ve decided to carry on with my huge Ravelry stash project of taking pictures of everything. I’ve only got about 20 pictures on there so far so now I’m going for the whole hog. I hope that this will be the ultimate sort out and that I can get the job done this time.

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Most of the time I successfully over come them with some nice coffee/tea and time with knitting needles or spinning wheel.

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