Isn’t one of the most fun things about running your own business the little extra effort you put in to sending your item to someone?  I love doing all the wrapping and making it look pretty!  Bright pink and green tissue papers are my chosen weapon of choice when it comes to sending a cute little purchase to a new home.

Today I decided that I wanted to make some stickers.  I was going to order some from Moo but they are a little too expensive for me so as usual, I’ve done it myself!

I had lots of sheets of glossy circular stickers from ages ago and I thought nothing would be cuter than printing images of my products on them!  That way I can stick them anywhere I please (within reason of course).  They look so pretty!

Well, I’m on the mend now but I went out to have my haircut this afternoon and it really knocked the wind out of me so I’m well and truly worn out now.  I’m going to sit down on the sofa and watch a dvd and try not to worry about the impending 10 hour shift at work tomorrow.  If I feel this bad after an hour out of the house at the hairdressers then how will I feel by 7pm tomorrow night?

Written by Sarah



I have been admiring your blog for some time but haven’t commented before. I’m from Glasgow and started knitting last year, I’m thinking about starting a blog but my progress is far too slow! I heard about folksy through your website and love your shop! I bought one of your knitting bags today but I realised you haven’t been feeling well lately, hope you get well soon, just looking at the little pug faces would cheer me up in a second! ;)


Hi Kerry, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Hubby is off at the post office posting your bag as we speak!
I am definitely on the mend but just feeling a bit tired and washed out, can’t wait to get back to normal!
You should definitely take the plunge and start your own blog – they are so much fun and you get to chat to lovely people!

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