It’s been over a week since my last post and as you can tell from the title of this one I got the studio!  I was terrible in the interview of course but for some crazy reason they seem to really want me in there so I was kindly offered the space and of course I said yes.  I must admit I was slightly hesitant as I’m moving from a bigger studio and I do have a real attachment to it so I knew it was going to be hard to leave.  I’m sure I’ll settle in the new one though and I’ll just keep crossing my fingers that a larger studio comes up in the near future.

Here is my new studio before we started painting, luckily one wall was already white so that saved us some paint!

Since the interview it’s all happened very quickly as they were keen for me to move as soon as possible.  Hubby started painting the walls the day after and finally finished the floor on Monday evening.  Then we had to take a break as I went in for my treatment on Tuesday, the less said about that the better to be honest as it was the single most painful experience of my life so far.  Apparently I was very brave though as the nurse said they get ‘screamers’! Also because I’ve been waiting for treatment for so long my joint were extra sore so it was more painful than it should have been.  Since then it’s been a bit difficult to walk or even stand for any length of time so I took a couple of days off. My treatment involved a steroid and anaesthetic being injected in to the joints of my spine, it’s supposed to free me up to start my physio and should also take away some of my pain which would be great. It can take a while to work though so once the initial extra soreness and stiffness had worn off some yesterday morning I found myself back to the usual level of pain. I kept hoping that I’d wake up and all the pain would have gone but I don’t think it’s that quick to work!

We couldn’t leave the studio move much longer though so yesterday we moved, I use ‘we’ very loosely of course, I sat in the new studio all day and told my hubby and dad where to put things!  I spent most of the day playing solitaire on my iPhone and loosing my patience with it, and of course documenting the whole occasion with photos…

Now with the walls all painted white and the floor a lovely blue:

Everything packed up and ready to go in the old studio:

Me in my old studio:

Goodbye Porter Brook Studios:

Everything is now piled up in the new studio – there is a lot of unpacking to do now!  We were there for 10 hours yesterday and that was just getting it all in, today I’m going in with the hubby to unpack and try and get it all in some kind of order.  Luckily because I can’t do all that much work at the moment I’m not in any massive rush but as my physiotherapy starts next Tuesday I’m hoping that means that I’ll be able to start to get back to normal soon.  I think that’s turning in to a bit of a broken record as it’s been nearly 6 months now! I can keep hoping though cant I!

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