Those of you who follow my blog will know I’m a bit of a studio hopper, that is, I’ve moved studios 3 times in the last few years. Firstly I moved from my humble attic studio at home to my first ‘proper’ studio at Porter Brook Studios in 2009, thanks to the lovely people at Yorkshire Artspace.  Then because of the serious arm-bending skills of Stuart our building manager, I moved across the road to the ‘proper-proper’ studio at Persistence Works in 2010.  (This was probably due to the fact that Stuart was sick of me whinging about how cold my studio was).  Then that’s right, I moved again in Aug 2011, this time I went home (sad face).  This resulted in my 4 month hiatus from printing whilst I hoped (and kept everything crossed) for a larger studio from which I could work.  In November Stuart came to my aid again and I moved into studio 49, my current happy home.

So, why am I boring you with all this?  Well, my studio hopping madness has finally had an effect on my long suffering husband and he has caught the moving bug, only this time, he’s moving in with me (pause for shock!) Hubby is a silversmith, and a darn great one at that, but his silversmithing focussed days are behind him now and he’s moving into a broader design area.  He’s swapped the silver and gold for wood and plastic and the teapots for larger design work and public art.  So, in an effort for us to save some cash, he’ll be moving in with me.  He’s allowed to now that he’s no longer hammering the living daylights out of metal and getting things mucky with melted pewter.

We’ve now got the exciting job of clearing out his incredibly packed and filthy studio.  First is the big machine sell-off, next is the junk clearout – my husband is a hoarder, enough said.  I did find these little cuties though, apparently they are polishing mops, but I just thought they looked pretty.

Written by Sarah

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