I’ve had some really great news this week, Plain Jane Textiles is about to get it’s first bit of publicity in a magazine and I’m unbelievably excited!  Country Living magazine contacted me after seeing my work on Folksy and asked if I could send some samples of my glasses cases down to London for them to have a look at.  Luckily they loved them so they will be photographed and sent back to me and I’ll appear in their Emporium pages early next year.  It never occurred to me that magazines might have a look on Folksy for people to feature.  It makes sense though, there are so many talented artists and makers on there and the likely hood of finding some great new ideas is high!  For makers like me though this is the best way of getting seen, I just hope this is the first of many.  Needless to say I have lots of friends now who are getting themselves on Folksy in the hope that the same thing will happen to them!

I know someone who has had lots of press for her work and she still gets really excited every time she is in a magazine, I think the idea that someone loves your work enough to publish it is really an amazing thing!

Here are my pretty glasses cases, I’m sure the photo that Country Living will take will be much more flattering!

In other exciting news, we have a few more new members on Sheffield Craft Candy, they are absolutely fantastic makers and we are really happy to have them as part of the group.  Have a look at the website and see our new featured member of the week, Siansburys, I’m hankering after one of her sock monkeys for myself, they are just toooo cute for words!

Written by Sarah



Thanks Sophia, I am! I just can’t wait to see it actually appear in print!


This is such great news!! Congrats! *excited on your behalf* :D
Good to know Folksy is getting noticed as well!
(And thanks for the mention ;D x)

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