This week has seen the start of the test printing of the three new designs of the Spring/Summer collection.  I announced their names last week and now here is the chance to see a sneak preview of the designs themselves.  All three are test printed first on unbleached calico, the final designs are then printed on a gorgeous eco-bleach hemp and organic cotton mix fabric.

The first to be printed on Monday was Deco. I decided to print it up in Royal Blue as I’m thinking of a darker blue for one of the colours in the new collection so I wanted to see what impact the design would have in blue.

2013-03-18 13.27.46

2013-03-18 13.30.28

Next up on Tuesday was Thunderbolt and here is what happens when you’ve been staring at colour all week – I printed it up in red when I didn’t even have red on the list for this design. Doh!  I really like it in red now that I’ve seen it though.

2013-03-19 13.25.08 2013-03-19 13.26.14And last but not least, this morning started off with Trinity printed in Forest Green. Again, I’m thinking about a green for this print so I wanted to see what it would look like in a similar colour.

2013-03-20 08.24.17 2013-03-20 08.26.56

I’ve decided to go for three different colourways for the new designs but this time, one of the colours is going to be on a coloured base cloth.  So two will be on an eco bleach and the third on either a pale grey, green or orange 100% hemp or hemp and organic cotton mix fabric.

So that’s a mini introduction to Deco, Thunderbolt and Trinity, I hope you like them.

Written by Sarah



OMG Sarah! These are magnificent! Fantastic repeats – so vibrant and interesting. You are super clever, hon, and I am totally embarrassed about my meagre efforts now ;) Can’t wait till you release them :) Kx


Hello there swap partner! Thank you so much for your kind words :) I can’t believe you describe yours as meagre efforts though, all your work is just beautiful and I just can’t wait to receive my swap fabric x


Wow, these are GORGEOUS. And after screen printing for the first time on a small scale, I am in awe of how you are able to do yardage! Beautiful work.


Thank you so much Krista. I was just reading about your screen printing this morning actually as I had wrapped all the fabric swap pieces up to be posted so I was thinking about my swap pals :) I love what you’ve printed, the design is lovely!

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