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Working on a new palette

The post New Year period is always a time of reflection and changes and this year has been no different, although now we’re in March and I have no idea where the time has gone. Since Bella, my apprentice, started last August things have been very different in the studio, it’s been great having another… Read more »

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Colours in the park

I took a walk in Millhouses park to try out my new camera and snapped a few photos which I hoped would give me some inspiration for my new collection colours. Not only was I taking photos of natural greens, browns and oranges but I found a bit of inspiration in the graffiti of the… Read more »

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Colour Inspiration

There is a lot of waiting at the moment, waiting for my HUGE screens and squeegees to arrive and of course, waiting on the fabric delivery but I have a lot to keep me busy whilst all of that is ticking along nicely in the background. My most important job at the moment is working… Read more »