Well, the printing table has come on in leaps and bounds since the last time I mentioned it. Here’s the quick update: the purpose built tables I gathered quotes for were fantastic, but unfortunately they were just too far out of my reach financially. That took me to plan B – build my own for a fraction of the cost. That’s when the materials sourcing began, and this has been no easy job, I’ve spent the last few months sourcing all the right parts, but it was worth it. Once I found the right table base parts, I ordered a small set, enough to build one part of the table, I did this to test the strength and sturdiness and then when that proved to be good enough, I ordered the rest of the pieces. This is a custom built table from scratch, not pre-cut parts, but a framework system you can design and build to any specification, so it’s totally unique.

Here is my old beloved table coming down:

Then the room was emptied and the first pod moved into place to add to:
Custom built printing table
Finally here is the finished framework (minus feet):

Custom printing table

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