It’s my niece’s birthday on the 5th March so I thought I’d knit her Ysolda’s Sophie.  It’s a gorgeous pattern and will match the Elijah toy Lizzie got for Christmas.  Here she is…

And last night I started to stuff her head.  I only have 4 more rows before I finish her head but before I do I’m going to do the french knots for her eyes.  I did the eyes last on Elijah but I think it’ll be easier to do them before the head is sewn up because I found the ends hard to secure safely.  I also thought that Lizzie might pull on the eyes and they might come out.  I’ve warned my sis that if Elijah suddenly loses his eyes one day then I’ll replace them!

Written by Sarah



love the site.
also am on the edge…..about to start knitting after many years of being – knitting free!!!!

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