It’s June 21st and officially Summer.  We couldn’t have a better day for it here in Sheffield, rain overnight (which helped all the plants in my garden) followed by bursts of glaring sun this morning.  My studio has huge windows and can begin to reselmble a greenhouse in summer so you can imagine how warm it is in here this morning.

Here’s how I like to celebrate this summer mood…picking a few of my favourites from Folksy.

You are my sunshine printyellow striped top
Sun stained glassyellow messenger bag

Summer will mean a lot of changes for me which I’m finding a little daunting but exciting.  After 3 years of hard work and crafty events, Craft Candy will be officially ending with the next fair on 16th July.  I decided to step down as Chair which was a difficult decision but one I’ve been leaning towards for quite some time.  After a chat with the vice chair and committee we decided it was best to wrap up the group.  A friend of mine said recently that she thought I just had more hours in the day than everyone else.  She said she didn’t realise I was fitting my life in around Craft Candy, she thought it was the other way around.  I think it’s about time I started to enjoy my life a little more rather than trying to cram it in amongst my other commitments.  So that’s where I’ll be in July, a person with actual free time on my hands and I can’t wait.



Written by Sarah

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