Here are the pictures as promised and also a couple of bonus pug shots – the girls were just being too gorgeous!  Here is my stitch sampler first:

I went for quite bright colours for this – my favourite bit is the lime and orange tic-tac inspired border!  Here is the Born to Stitch embroidery, I’ve not quite finished it yet but it’s almost done.   I love the tatoo alphabet on this one, I’ve never been a massive fan of satin stitch but this alphabet has changed my mind.

Tonight I’m going to finish up this pattern and then decide what to stitch next.  I’m also working on some embroidery on some of my Birdcage fabric, I want to show how you can embroider on to existing printed fabrics in the workshop.  Whilst I was taking these pictures the pugs were curled up in the blanket on the bed so I couldn’t resist taking some snaps of them.

Written by Sarah

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