This week I’m celebrating being in my studio for 1 year, hasn’t time flown?  What better way to celebrate than to have an interview today for another studio!  It’s not a way of celebrating actually as the prospect fills me with complete fear.  I was lucky enough to just submit images of my work and an application when I took on my current studio, that was due to the number of studios that were being allocated.  This time though there is one studio, it’s at Persistence Works (the proper Yorkshire Artspace studio block!) and I’ve finally reached the top part of the waiting list.  It’s a smaller studio than my current one which is not ideal but it’s warmer, in a more secure building and is a permanent space.  My studio is temporary for a minimum of 2 years and then after that they could throw us out, my concern though is the heat, printing in fingerless gloves is not easy but somehow last year I managed it!  Another plus of this studio is that it’s right next door to my husbands which makes lunch breaks easier than the current situation of him having to walk over to mine!

Here is my lovely studio:

I’d be really sorry to miss it if I got another space but I can see the positives about moving, I just wish a bigger studio would come up.  It’s not easy being a fabric printer in a small studio!  If I do get the small studio then we’re going to put our heads together to see if there is any way I can make printing easier in a small space – my husband has all sorts of ideas about pulley systems and fabric suspended on rolls from the wall.  I’m not thinking about any of that at the moment, I need to actually get through the interview first – wish me luck! x

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Good luck with the interview! I’ve spent a lot of time there in Jennie Gill’s studio and it’s such a lovely space. I’m very jealous!!!!

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