I’m a sorry sight this week, am stuck in bed with this bloomin’ awful cold and bored out of my brain.  I attempted to go back to work on Thursday because I had an important training session in town.  When we stopped for lunch though I went to M&S to stand in their mammoth queue for a bag of grapes and a drink (which was about all I could manage) and felt so sick and dizzy that I had to leave.  I ended up phoning the hubby, who was working at his studio, to come and get me and he sat with me whilst I was laid on a cold stone wall trying not to pass out!  How embarrassing!  If anyone saw a strange blonde lying around in the middle of town on one of the coldest days of the season then that was me!  My cold had gone to my ears which was making me really dizzy, after all that Hubby got a bus back home with me and I went straight to bed.  I had an awful temperature and I think I was even going a bit delirious at one point!  Since then I’ve mainly slept and watched Lord of the Rings on the computer (which hubby kindly brought upstairs for me yesterday!).

Today I’m going to try and get out of bed and get a bit of strength back, I’ve lost another 4 pounds in the last week which is the only good thing about being ill!

Wifi has been my knight in shining armour since yesterday, it’s meant that I could check my mountain of emails and also look for pretty things to talk about here on my blog.

Does anyone liver near Oxford?  If you do then get yourself down here to Handm@ade fair.  Cloudhopping, a lovely talented maker will be there selling her lovely things, you might have seen her on Folksy with her entry for the Howies competition!  I love this, I’m a cowgirl at heart though!

Go and have a look at some of the stalls and get a lovely pressie for someone for Christmas.  I wish I was off doing something that exciting instead of stuck here with my cold!  Next weekend will be exciting though, it’s the Woodseats Christmas Fair!  More news on that later, keep next Saturday free though and come down for some lovely crafty things!

Written by Sarah

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