I’m having a really bad day today, my back is playing up in a really bad way. It’s been painful since Christmas, just gradually getting worse but these past 2 days it’s been really bad. It was difficult to go to sleep last night, I just couldn’t find a comfortable position to lie in. I then woke up about 3:30am this morning and tried to get up to stop the pain but couldn’t. Hubby spent the next 2 hours trying to get me out of bed – twice he wanted to call an ambulance but I wouldn’t let him. The pain is really bad but I’m terrified of hospitals, I think there is always that feeling that you’re bothering them too, I kept thinking it’s only a bad back.
Eventually I got up, by this time it was half five and I was worn out. I’m just waiting for the doctor to phone me back now, hopefully I’ll be able to get some stronger pain killers. I can’t put any weight on my legs though so I’m stuck here in this chair with nothing to do but surf the net.

I was determined to find something to cheer me up though and I think I’ve found it:

This is by the wonderfully talented Tascha and it really managed to put a smile on my face today!

Written by Sarah

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