The first set of strike offs are now complete – we started with the two colour prints as they are the most difficult, next we’ll move on to the single colour prints.  It’s always hard to get the perfect two colours to work with the two colour designs, especially as I often use transparency in my designs to create a third colour, that third colour can be tricky to get right as sometimes you think two colours will combine beautifully and they end up looking awful together.

Here are the first set of prints, these have been narrowed down slightly as we started with about 10 different colour ways of each.

Strike-offs-1 Strike-offs-2 Strike-offs-3

I haven’t definitely decided on whether all the new prints will feature but I like to start off a change in palette by printing all the designs and going from there, some of these prints weren’t included in the last release so it would be great to include some of the prints that haven’t seen as much exposure.  The hard balance at this stage is how many to include, too much variety and you set yourself a very difficult job, especially when you have a lot of designs like I have, too few and you offer too little choice to your customers.  I’ve already had some great feedback on Instagram about these shades so I can use that to help make my final decision.

I won’t make the final decision until I’ve printed the single colour strike offs though and we start those this week, it’s such an exciting time!

Written by Sarah

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