1. Tea Garden Dress  2. Still Light Tunic  3. Gray Cardigan

This is a naughty post as starting any one of these items would mean breaking one of my new years resolutions but I have to have something to dream about and to spur me on in my quest to finish my hibernating knitting projects.  These three lovelies are at the top of my queue and have been for quite some time.  Thankfully I have the patterns and yarn for all of these already. I bought the yarn for the Tunic over a year ago and did have full intention of starting it but decided to wait as I was losing weight at the time, I’m glad I did wait as now I can knit the smaller size.  The Dress and cardigan yarn was purchased with a massive discount coupon from Deramores last Spring and this was the last time I bought some yarn, finances have been a little tighter since then unfortunately.  The beauty of having bought yarn like this in happier cash-flow times is that you have a great stash to see you through the bad times and for a knitter to not be able to afford to knit, well that’s just an impossible thing to think of!

The plan is to get through my hibernating list before March and then start the Tea Garden Dress followed by Gray, I’ll then have a brief break to start the Christmas knitting over the summer and then I can start the Still Light Tunic in time for the weather turning a little colder.  Let’s see if it all goes to plan.

Written by Sarah

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