I had an extremely productive morning today – I made the Rooibos dress!  I was so excited through the whole process, I just couldn’t wait to see the finished product. I also had that slightly apprehensive feeling about whether the bugger will fit or not!  No worries on that front though – it fits really well, here she is in all her glory.

And here is the collar detail at the top:

I bought the chocolate spotty fabric from Patchwork Direct in Darley Dale and managed to find a perfect match blue fabric for the pockets and facing, it’s spot on!

Here is the Sencha top I made last week too, I kept forgetting to take a picture but I finally got around to it today:

I love this top, it’s such a fantastic vintage style pattern, the fabric I used is called Antique Treasures, I also bought that from Patchwork Direct.  This is the only good thing about being signed off work – you have time to sew!  I haven’t made any clothes in so long that it’s been really nice to get back into the swing of it.  Now I just need to buy all the other patterns from Colette and make even more clothes!

Written by Sarah



Lovely sewing – well done!
I’ve got the patterns for Chantilly and Macaron – but just not found the right fabric yet. Maybe you will inspire me to look harder!


Oooh, they are lovely patterns too! Have you been to John Lewis recently – they have lots of new fabrics in, maybe there will be something there you like? xx


I want them all! That’s the only down side of working less – I have lots of time to sew but no money for all the yummy fabrics I want!


That’s some very impressive sewing! I especially love the brown spotty dress, I bet it looks fantastic on. I’d really like to get better at sewing to make some of my own clothes :)

Louise Elizabeth

Beautiful Sarah :D You should show us a picture of you wearing them! I love the drape and appearance of the top – it looks really delicate and soft – Mmm.



love your rooibos dress, where did you buy the pattern I’d love to make it? Did you buy it online? – I am also in sheffield!


Hi Debra, I bought my patterns from M is for Make which is a fabulous little online store I can highly recommend!

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