I’ve had one mega crafty weekend!  I had a lovely day on Saturday going to the Millennium Christmas Crackers exhibition and then the Affordable vintage fair.  The vintage fair was great, the quality of the clothes were really high, I only wish I had more money!  I think the sensible thing to do next time is to save up some money and try and get some of my clothes there.  There was a gorgeous coat there I wanted, I will have to wait until Jude’s next fair in January and hope the stallholder is there then!

After we had a look around the Millennium we went to Bank Street Arts. I fell in love with the old Georgian building instantly.  It is still a bit of a work in progress but everything looks very good so far and the Christmas fair was lovely, there were some really nice things like these tea towel journals by Heather Dewick:

 tea towel journal 39

I’ve always been a fan of Heather’s, I can see one of these being added to my collection very soon!

Why can’t every weekend be a crafty weekend?

Written by Sarah



I’ve just found you while I was trying to work out how to have a sale on etsy. I mean a January type sale! I googled etsy sale and found you celebrating your 20th. I just had my 100th and let it pass without a free gift so I am feeling a bit guilty!
I had to come and investigate when I saw you were up north. I am too but in Lancashire not Yorkshire.
Nice to meet you.


Hi Jackie, congrats on your 100th sale, I hope I can sell that much on Etsy eventually!
Thanks for stopping by, I’m off to check out your blog now!

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