Well I thought Gretel was going really well until I knew in my gut it wasn’t!  I had a problem with the cable didn’t I?!?!?  But this was quickly solved by getting the new Gretel instructions from Ysolda.   I had read ‘knit in pattern as set’ as continuing with the previous line when actually it was the line before that.  So I spent last night doing a little bit of ripping but luckily only 2 rows.  Now I’m back on track hopefully.  Here is a picture of the mistake – doesn’t look right does it?

And here is the new and better version…

Can you see the bunched up wrong looking cable right at the top??  That was my mistake!  Onwards and upwards though…


Written by Sarah



I hate when it’s the pattern that’s wrong. It’s makes you go crazy trying to figure out what you did, when it’s not your fault!

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