A few months ago I started work on some Sheffield prints which would form part of the work to be submitted for Christmas Crackers this year.  One of the prints had been a long time coming, it’s a follow-up to my English Insults print.  English Insults still proves to be one of my more popular prints and is inspired in part by my love of comic books.  I created it whilst working for the libraries and had great fun coming up with the insults.  This time my new print Sheffieldish is inspired by a quiz we took at school, in fact most children growing up in Sheffield have probably taken the same quiz.  It’s a list of phrases written as they are spoken in a Sheffield accent which as kids we then had to decipher, I’ve combined it with a few of my favourite Sheffield words such as Spice, Shunkley and Jennel to create the finished design.  The print is also inspired by another of my loves which is letterpress printing.  The design was created as a fabric print but it also fits neatly on a tea towel so I’ve decided to print up a few of those too.  If anyone is interested in buying one I’ll add a couple to my Shop, they probably wont make it onto Etsy as they are so specialised, but I’m crossing my fingers they get chosen for Christmas Crackers.


Sheffieldish tea towel

The second print is a little bit of fun I just couldn’t resist. I found the phrase in a book about Sheffield language, the book is written by an old family friend and I hope he approves when he sees the print.  I’m not sure what this print will end up on but here it is on a t-shirt for my dad, part of his Father’s Day present.

Sheffield Watter

Written by Sarah


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