I’m not having much luck with one of my Christmas creations and it’s my mums of all peoples!!! I get so worried that she wont like the pressie anyway and now I feel like the wool I have bought is cursed!I bought some gorgeous Araucania Kettle dyed wool in a lovely pink colour from The Wool Baa and I couldn’t wait to get started.  Turns out that it’s cursed though and everything I knit with it turns into a virtual nightmare.I decided to knit a shawl I had seen in Magknits but I started it 5 times and kept making stupid mistakes (I blame stress!) so I eventually decided to give up.  But now I am knitting some socks with it and the pattern is making no sense to me!!!Someone please save me? I have knit lots of socks but I’m trying a new pattern and it’s method is complete madness.  Plan B is to now completely disregard the instructions and make it up from one of my other trusted patterns – what do you think?

Written by Sarah

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