Just a quick post today as I’m still busy building furniture, unpacking and tidying like a crazy person.  The move was incredibly hectic and stressful but by the time we’d finished the incredibly long 16 hour day on Wednesday we felt very at home in our new studio.  We still have lots to do so have been coming in super early to get everything finished but most of the room is now unpacked and the table is now fixed to the floor.  By the end of Sunday, I hope to have the top on my printing table and the room ready to get back to work (even if we are stepping over boxes and bits of wood for a few more weeks!).

Here is a sneak preview, taken with the Photosynth app (excuse the mess!)  As you can see, the table is right down the middle of the room and in the right hand corner is a little cubby hole room.  It was previously an office and therefore a clean room as the previous occupant was a ceramic artist.  We’ve decided to keep the room, rather than dismantling it as originally planned, that way Owen can use it for some of his dirtier processes, instead of borrowing time in another silversmiths studio.

One thing that is nice is how at home my washout booth looks, it’s always dwarfed every room I’ve had before as it’s so big, but now it’s perfectly in proportion in my new studio.

I’ll post some more pictures as the room starts to take shape.



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